$10,000 REWARD

Help Find Leia the Mini Labradoodle

She went “missing” while under the care of a local pet sitter in Lakeway, TX.

We are desperate to find Leia and uncover THE TRUTH about what really happened to her.

Latest Update: Saturday 8/5/23

It’s been a few months since our last update and due to our on-going legal journey, we haven’t been able to share much publicly, but we want you to know that things are moving. Read More.

We were told that she was last seen on Sunday 6/26/22 around 3:30pm

Location:  Stoney Creek Cove, Lakeway TX 78734


Stay up to date with our search for Leia and the truth.

Leia (pronounced “lay-uh”)

1.5 year old – Female(spayed) – 16 lbs. – Red/Brown coat – Green Eyes – Pink nose – Chipped

Timeline of Events

Below is the series of events we had with the dog sitter in Lakeway, Texas.

Sunday 6/26/22


Leia was dropped off with her brother (littermate) Luke at the dog sitter’s home in Lakeway, TX.

Ruby (my wife + Leia’s human) and I (Kevin) had arranged to pick up both Luke and Leia at 8pm that evening after our outing that day.

This dog sitter had watched both of the dogs the day prior (6/25/22) and two other times many months ago.

Our dogs had met the sitter’s two dogs, a rescue boxer and boxer/pit mix before and there had been no issues we were told about.



We decided to come home early from our day out and text messaged the dog sitter that we would like to pick up Luke & Leia around 5pm.

In brief, the dog sitter texted back and said that Leia had escaped along with her sister’s dog about 15 mins before we had first texted.

We were currently about 45 mins away and driving faster and faster.


4:19pm – 9:15pm (100+ degree temp)

We arrived at the dog sitter’s townhouse complex that backs up to a pond and the Lakeway golf course between the 4th and 6th hole.

Ruby (Leia’s human) is on foot while I (Kevin – Leia’s other human) am in my truck looking in the surrounding streets within a 1-2 mile radius.

We stopped everyone we saw outside at that time and no one had seen Leia or the sitter’s sister’s dog (a medium-sized black lab).

At around 5:30 pm we told the pet sitter we wanted to get Luke and take him home. He had been howling inside very loudly.

We asked the dog sitter how this happened. It was explained that the sister’s dog (a black lab mix) has a history of running away by opening the back door and wrought iron gate (but would always come back). While a couple of the other dogs were out for a walk, the sitter’s sister’s dog pushed the back door open, then pushed the wrought iron gate open on her small patio which is backed up to the pond in the backyard.

It was said that Leia was in the garage (kennel area) and she ran to follow the black lab mix (sitter’s sister’s dog) out the door. Luke, our other dog stayed behind and no other dogs under the dog sitter’s care ran out. Only Leia.

We immediately posted on the Nextdoor app that Leia was lost with all the information we had at the time, as well as, printed off a bunch of flyers we could tape up in the neighborhood and activated her chip to LOST status.

A few very helpful and concerned members of the Lakeway community had recommended we get in touch with Andrea Greig of Lakeway PD (The Animal Protection Officer). It was Andrea’s day off but she called us back promptly to understand the situation.

We spent the entire evening on foot, in our truck, scouring the neighborhood.  Still, not one single person we spoke to had seen Leia.

We gave up the search at around 9:15pm when it was far too dark to see.

Monday 6/27/22

6:12am – 2:30pm

We start searching just as the sun begins to rise and start a little higher on the Lakeway golf course in case Leia got a little further in the night when it’s a bit cooler.

With the summer heat, Leia typically looks for shade within 10 mins of being outside.

At this point, we hadn’t heard from anyone via Nextdoor that they’d seen Leia. Many wonderful people in the Lakeway community mentioned they’d be out searching to help and will continue searching. We are so appreciative to y’all and you know who you are.

We spent hours walking the golf courses, the creek, pond, and Smith Green belt without a single sighting. 

Leia was wearing her baby-blue dog harness and would have been easy to spot. Along with that she had tags with both our phone numbers on them and loves people.

No calls. No sightings. Nothing.


2:45 – 5:00pm

Andrea (Officer Greig) advised us to reach out to all the local vets, and shelters, as well as, better understand what happened at the time of the incident with the Pet Sitter’s sister’s dog.

At this point, the entire Lakeway area has been canvased with Lost Dog flyers, we spread the news via all social media platforms.

We had taken notice that at this point the dog sitter or the sister had not yet put up a single sign nor posted anything related to their dog to the Nextdoor app within the 24-hour period both dogs went missing. The pet sitter had only re-posted our original post with no mention of her sister’s lost dog. 

We texted the pet sitter to meet up and go through the story of what happened now that we were in a more leveled state of mind.

The pet sitter ran Ruby through what happened. Showed her the back door latch and wrought iron gate that the sister’s dog opened.

The sister of the pet sitter did most of the talking. She explained the story and thought the two dogs may have run left out the back door towards the golf course.



A large thunder and rain storm was coming in quickly that evening which broke our hearts knowing our little Leia could be somewhere outside.

Andrea said that this could be a good thing as the rain and thunder can have lost dogs hunker down for the evening and come out in the morning. She had planned on searching the golf course early the next morning and talking to the grounds keepers (who have been very helpful).

That evening, we noticed that the dog sitter had made a post on the Nextdoor app about Leia and the sister’s lost black lab.

The thunder, rain, and lightning showers came and we turned in for the (sleepless) evening.


Tuesday 6/28/22

7:05 – 8:00am

We arrived at the pet sitter’s townhouse complex to continue the search near the pond, creek, and wooded area by the golf course to call Leia’s name.

Andrea (Officer Greig) also patrolled the townhouse complex roughly 10 mins after we had arrived and were already out on the golf course just adjacent to the townhouse complex (hole 5).

At 7:56am we received a text from the pet sitter saying that the sister’s dog had been found and returned.

The pet sitter shared the following with us: “Hispanic worker who didn’t speak any English” dropped the dog off at her townhouse 20 mins prior. That he found the black lab by the Lakeway market a few blocks away and delivered the dog to them. That the black lab had a collar with the address on it.

The pet sitter or the sister did not get this man’s name or phone number. Only said that he was driving an old truck and looked like a worker.


We met Andrea (Officer Greig) at the Lakeway Market where the black lab was said to be found and grabbed by this man within the last hour.

Andrea went to speak to the owners of the market who looked at the camera footage and didn’t see any loose dogs or commotion.

We had asked Andrea if she had seen an old truck at the townhouse complex that the dog sitter described since Andrea was patroling the complex in that general time frame.

She had not. We didn’t either.

9:15am – 3:00pm

We continued searching in a few of the surrounding streets and wooded areas. By this time, our original Nextdoor post was getting a lot of comments from concerned community members for Leia’s return. Many more came out to help.

Friends, strangers, and others shared Leia’s missing information across social media platforms as well as helped put up flyers, call rescues, and more. We are so grateful.

We went home to print more flyers that we took to local pet stores, groomers, and vets in the surrounding cities.



We resumed our evening search. This time we brought Luke, her brother (littermate) along in hopes that his scent or bark could bring Leia out if she happens to be hiding and scared somewhere in the brush.

As littermates, they are pretty much attached at the hip and run to each other the moment they see one another after being separated.

Wednesday 6/29/22

6:30am – 5pm

We brought Luke out with us early morning to walk the entire loop of the golf course and surrounding streets. We stopped every other person walking their dog on the course and asked if they had seen a Leia.

Still nothing. No calls. No sightings. No sign of her baby-blue harness or collar anywhere.

Ruby (Leia’s human) continued the search throughout the day and hung Lost Dog flyers at local businesses in the Lakeway and Bee Cave area.

More and more concerned members of the community reached out, walked the streets, and did legwork online to see if she was being listed for sale anywhere.

Thursday 6/30/22

6:30am – 5pm

We went back out early morning to search the surrounding green belts and more towards the direction of our home.  We live about a 10-minute drive away.  All with no success.

It was time to up the ante and see if we could source any information or bring someone out of the woodworks.

We decided to offer up a $5,000 reward, printed off 100 flyers, and put them up throughout the city of Lakeway, Nextdoor app, and Instagram to get the word out.

Throughout the week people had suggested we look into a dog tracker.

At the advice of a helpful neighbor on Nextdoor, we hired Kat Manning from Dog Gone Detective to bring their trained dog out to follow Leia’s scent.

We arranged to meet Kat (the pet tracker) and her dog Blizzard at the townhouse complex early the very next morning.

Friday 7/1/22

6:20am – 8:30am

We met the Dog Gone Detective team at the Stoney Creek complex. Blizzard, the tracking dog, smelled the scent of Leia’s crate dog bed which we brought with us.

As Blizzard’s tail was up and her nose was to the ground she was following the scent trail.  If Blizzard lost the scent she would do a specific move where she’d roll on her back to cue Kat (the pet tracker) the scent stopped there.

Blizzard followed Leia’s scent throughout the pet sitter’s side of the townhouse complex.

When Kat went near the busy street (Lakeway Blvd.) Blizzard would do the move on her back to signal there was no scent.

When Kat took Blizzard onto the golf course which opens up to the townhouse complex, Blizzard did the move on her back to a signal the scent stopped there.

Kat (the professional pet tracker) surmised that Leia never left the entire townhouse complex property lines by running away.

We were unable to search inside the dog sitter’s home as she had left town the evening prior.


In an effort to get the word out even further, we decided to quickly create a website that can be shared across social media.

In the scenario that Leia is being sold in a surrounding city of the state, we want to get as many eyeballs on her photos as possible, plus share the timeline and story of this tragic journey.

Saturday 7/2/22

10:00am – 4:15pm

We printed up a new set of flyers with the FindLeia.com website to take to the dog parks in the surrounding area to spread the word. By this time the website had already been shared on social media 1,500 times which is incredible.

On our drive back from Cedar Bark Park (in Cedar Park) we received a call from a senior couple who had spotted a dog that matched Leia’s description up near Lakewood Ave. He described her color, and size and said the dog looked kempt. That the dog darted out in front of his car and then into the brush.

We put out the word and when we got there, cars were already lined up and 20+ amazing people in the community showed up instantly to help us search for 3 hours in 100+ degree heat. God bless them.

At 3:55pm we discovered that a family who lived a few houses down (and just got back home from being out) had a Goldendoodle (which looked similar to Luke) that had gotten loose just before noon. This was about 45-60 mins before the couple called us.

I (Kevin) asked to see the dog. It matched the description.

We are so grateful for all who showed up to search in the heat. Seriously, it brings me (Kevin) to tears of appreciation.

5:30pm – 6:45pm

We went back to the Stoney Creek Cove townhouse complex where the dog sitter lives and where Kat Manning (the pro pet tracker) said Leia’s scent didn’t trail away.

We went to speak to each of the neighbors in the whole complex to ask if we could review their Ring Cam or other security cam footage from Sunday 6/26/22, the day Leia was last seen. Everyone was incredibly helpful.

We discovered that neighbors were not alerted on Sunday to the run-away dogs as the dog sitter told us via text message.

We also bought Luke a GPS Tracking collar.

Sunday 7/3/22


Many wonderful people from here in the Austin, TX area as well as other states around the country have been asking us what they can do to help and if they can contribute to increasing Leia’s reward.

Again, the support has been tremendous.

We’ve decided to create a GoFundMe page for those who would like to contribute to finding Leia and/or what really happened to her. 100% of your donations will go to that.

Any unused funds will be donated to TRAPRS, a non-profit specializing in trapping, rescue, and pet recovery. They have been helping us by providing guidance during Leia’s disappearance.

Monday 7/4/22

7:30am – 10:00am

The city of Lakeway had a 4th of July parade through the streets very close to where Leia went missing. Ruby, myself, and another amazing woman from the community attended with posters and signs to drive awareness of Leia’s disappearance.

Since there are quite a few older folks that live in the area who may not be on Nextdoor or social media, we figured it may be a way to get their attention.


Upon our return, home more neighbors from the community contacted us to share what they saw or didn’t see. Some of these helpful people know and have used the same dog sitter and shared their experiences and/or concern.

We are being very careful here not to name any of these helpful community members or share the exact details they’ve shared with us.

We greatly appreciate those community members who have been willing to make a formal statement.

Thank you so much for helping us get closer to the truth.

Wednesday 7/6/22


A wonderful city official from Lakeway has taken a special interest in helping us find Leia. In a recent public post on the Nextdoor app, she named the dog sitter along with the factual timeline of what’s taken place since.

More helpful people who’ve used the same dog sitter have contacted us to help us fill in the details of Sunday, June 26th, 2022, and the days following Leia’s disappearance. Slowly, the truth creeps closer.


It’s been 10 days since Leia disappeared from the dog sitter’s care at the Stoney Creek Cove Townhouse complex. Again, without a single confirmed sighting.

This morning we got notified about a deceased dog with similar characteristics on a trail up in Cedar Park, TX.  Ruby drove up to confirm whether or not it was Leia. It was not.


In the case that she’s being held to be sold we’ve decided to up the ante again and offer a $10,000 reward (easily 4×5 times what she could be sold for) for her safe return back to our home. We miss her. Especially, Luke.

Friday 7/8/22


Ruby met with our 2nd K-9 tracker, Kim of Lone Stars K-9 Pet Trackers, to verify the findings from our first tracking experience.

Kim was referred to us by TRAPRS who have been hugely supportive in our search for Leia.

Kim’s (and her K-9, Alexia) tracking methodology was slightly different than our first tracker, and might we add, VERY thorough. They tracked for 2.5 hours straight, all around the townhouse complex, adjoining golf course, pond, across the street, at the Lakeway Church, and deep in the brush. Kim tracked our movement using an app that allows us to see the actual perimeter and findings of the tracking experience and where Leia’s scent was actually found.

No matter where they went, Alexia (the K-9) kept leading them back to the townhouse complex (ie “point of loss”). 

Kim and Alexia confirmed that Leia’s scent was not found off the townhouse complex property lines. Simply put, this tracker confirmed what our first tracker discovered…

Leia never left the townhouse complex property lines by foot/paw.


Later in the day, we received a message on our website from someone who used to use the same dog sitter and we immediately hopped on a call with them.

In short, she shared that her little dog was viciously attacked by the sitter’s white boxer/pit and the sitter brushed it off like it was nothing, claiming that the client’s little dog and her dog simply had a “tiff” and that the client’s dog arrived with those injuries. When this client picked her dog up from the sitter’s home after being away for a week, her dog was covered in its own urine and completely traumatized.

After a visit with her vet where they ended up shaving the dog down to see the injuries, they found 3 dog bites on her little dog’s head and cuts around its eye. She sent us the photos which were extremely tough to look at.

This is not the first story we’ve come to learn about the sitter’s dog.

We also want to emphasize that we love pitbulls and this isn’t a judgment towards the breed itself.

This is about the dog sitter’s negligence.

Monday 7/11/22


From Ruby (Leia’s mom)…

I wish we had more to update.⁣

Still no sightings. No tips.⁣

The sitter and her sister shut down all communication with us and many others as of July 1st. ⁣

We are currently navigating feelings of grief, anger, frustration, sadness, and hopelessness while praying to God every day for a miracle.⁣

I’m exhausted from all the messages and emails and phone calls, and despite feeling guilty for doing this, I have allowed myself to take a step back from my laptop this afternoon to rest.⁣

I think we’re all feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I wish the laws made it easier for us to investigate… and I can assure you that I will be joining Indy’s parents and Pancho’s parents in helping to create change so dog families like ours are more protected and supported during times like this.⁣

With that being said…⁣
Thank you for your continued love and support. We’ve created a Facebook Page for Leia for those who are ready to help in bigger ways by volunteering their time. More on that coming soon.⁣


For now, please enjoy this video clip of Luke and Leia when they were baby Padawan’s in training.

And please consider donating to Leia’s GoFundMe today.

⁣Thank you 🙏🏽

Wednesday 7/13/22


We’ve learned that the dog sitter, had put her Stoney Creek Cove, Lakeway, TX townhouse in which Leia went “missing”.

It goes without saying that this is increasingly concerning.


We understand that MANY of you are upset, angry, and outraged by this entire story of what happened to our dog, Leia.

We are too.

We ask that you PLEASE not engage with the owner of this home or her sister  in any way.  In-person or online.


*UPDATE: She did not end up selling her home.

Friday 7/15/22


A few concerned past dog-sitting clients of put two-and-two together and reached out to us with their own troubling stories and encounters 

We are now in the process of collecting even more testimonies from past clients of the dog sitter and the experiences they’ve had.

We ask that you PLEASE not engage with the dog sitter or her sister in any way.  In-person or online.

Thursday 7/21/22


It’s been nearly a month since Leia disappeared. As we’ve mentioned in prior updates we believe one of two things happened to Leia based on all the people who have come forward to share their experiences and information regarding the dog sitter.

In the event that Leia has already been sold to someone that likely has no idea they’ve purchased a stolen dog, we are trying to spread the word online.

If this is indeed the case, we don’t fault the person who purchased Leia.

Throughout this journey, we’ve become aware of so many dog “re-homing” sales on craigslist and various websites. While some are legit, it’s obvious many others are not.  The scariest are those that seem legit but are a clever front for selling stolen designer breed dogs.

Please help us share this image on social media in case an unsuspecting (good) person now has Leia.

Drag image to desktop or press-hold on your phone to save to your Photos Library.

Friday 8/19/22

We have filed a lawsuit against the dog sitter and are now even closer to preventing this from happening to other dog families.

This is why we’ve been a little quiet with website updates over the past few weeks. We’ve been hard at work collecting substantial evidence that supports and strengthens our case.

We want to express extreme gratitude to all of you who have supported us in various ways, especially those of you who generously contributed to our GoFundMe. We can’t thank you enough. Your donations are helping us immensely on our legal journey to bring Leia home, uncover the truth, and seek justice.

We’d truly appreciate your continued support. Here’s how you can help:

We cannot do this without the support of our beloved community. From the depths of our hearts, thank you! Together, we will #FINDLEIA and bring her home.

With Gratitude,
Kevin, Ruby, and Luke

100% of the funds raised will go towards legal fees and our search investigation.

(To be 1,000% clear… $0 of what is donated will be for the reward. We have that earmarked)

Thursday 8/25/22

Throughout this horrific experience, we have had numerous families reach out to us to express their concerns and hold us in their prayers. Some even shared their own heartbreaking stories.

It’s become overwhelmingly clear that something needs to be done in order to have better regulations surrounding independent pet sitters, boarders, and trainers.

The first step to accomplishing this mission is by collecting stories from families who’ve suffered their own heartbreak while their beloved dog was under the care of an independent pet sitter, boarder, or trainer.


Do you have a story of your own?

Tuesday 8/30/22

We have a big update! Yesterday, we sat down with Carissa Lehmkuhl of FOX 7 Austin to share Leia’s story.

It was a huge moment as this allows us to reach more people and gain more support for Leia’s search and the changes we wish to create to help protect dog owners.

In this interview, we shared something we have not yet shared with anyone–something that can significantly support our search efforts and case.


A couple of weeks ago, a witness came forward and shared that they were in conversation with a woman with the same name as the dog sitter approximately 10 days before July 4th.

This witness was part of an Austin dog group on Nextdoor and was looking to buy a new labradoodle puppy. The witness ended up connecting with the woman through Nextdoor. The witness said that the woman told her that she had a “cinnamon colored labradoodle for sale, possibly even two Labradoodles.”

The witness did not end up getting the labradoodle because the woman could not provide proof of ownership or vet records, nor could she answer basic questions about the dog’s health.

Because of this, we believe that there could be more people out there who may have had a conversation with a woman about a “cinnamon-colored labradoodle” for sale, sometime between June 25th and today. We are asking these people to come forward.

If you know anything or know someone who may know something, please reach out to us via our website chat box, or contact form, or you can call/text us at 512-730-0801

We are also making a special request to all veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

Please scan any dog that looks like Leia for microchips! Keep in mind that she may have been completely shaved down by now or very shaggy. She has very distinct green eyes, a light pink nose, reddish/brown fur, and is a MINI labradoodle (only 16 lbs at time of disappearance.) She will respond to her name, ‘Leia’ (pronounced ‘LAY-AH’.)

See the Fox 7 Austin article here.

Saturday 3/11/23

It’s been a while since we’ve shared an update, and for that, we apologize. We recognize how emotionally invested our community has become with Leia’s story and we feel it’s important to keep you in the loop.

Although things may seem quiet on the outside, there’s a lot taking place behind the scenes.


We’ve been diligently working on our lawsuit, piecing together all that we’ve collected through our investigation to create as strong of a case as possible. You may not realize this, but ours is a difficult case to make. The lack of regulations for dog sitters coupled with the fact that dogs are considered ‘property’ can make it difficult for dog families like ours to seek answers and/or justice. But we are relentless and we believe that we have a pretty solid case.

As we’ve shared many times before, we’re not just doing this for Leia. We are doing this for the HUNDREDS of dogs that are killed, injured, or mysteriously vanish while in the care of dog sitters each year. We’re doing this for all the families that have reached out to us (and continue to reach out to us) with their own horrific stories.

Read those stories here.

This is about seeking the truth.

With that said, we feel it’s important to circle back to the two theories that our team has always considered with regard to what really happened to Leia:


1) Leia was sold.


2) Leia was killed or she died that day while in the dog sitter’s care.


It’s important to note that we’ve had zero sightings of Leia. Not a single viable sighting or anything else that supports theory #1.

What we do know for certain is that Leia’s scent was only found within the townhouse complex property, and this was validated by two different expert K9 trackers.

With all of that being said… We’re still here, and we’re still taking a stand for the truth. And I say that intentionally because when you are on the side of truth, you don’t need to fight.

To those who know the truth about what really happened to Leia on Sunday, June 26th, 2022… There’s still time to do the right thing. Please come forward and share the truth. Let’s put an end to this nightmare.

To our incredible community of supporters…

Thank you so much for your continued love, support, and prayers.


We deeply appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate our lawsuit.

If you or someone you know has experienced a similar story, please share it with us HERE. We are collecting stories of dogs being killed, injured, or mysteriously vanishing while in the care of dog sitters, boarding facilities, dog groomers, and dog trainers to show our lawmakers just how rampant this issue really is.

We believe that together, we will create a safer world for our dogs.

Saturday 8/5/23

To our beloved community,

Not a day goes by where we don’t give gratitude for the amount of support that we’ve received. Thank you.

It’s been a few months since our last update and due to our on-going legal journey, we haven’t been able to share much publicly, but we want you to know that things are moving.

Our journey to seek justice for Leia has been an incredibly difficult experience which has taken a toll on us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet our spirits remain strong, as does our faith. We have been blessed to be supported by a team of incredible humans who have been helping us along the way, and a beloved community (that’s you) who have been by our side since day 1. With that said, we know that God is on our side.

We will share more with you when it’s safe for us to do so. But for now, please know that we are still diligently working to seek justice for Leia while continuing to raise awareness for the greater issue at hand. All we want is to help create a safer world for our dogs.

If you or someone you know experienced something similar, please share your story with us so we can help show lawmakers how big of an issue this really is:

Share Your Story

And if you want to read about more stories like ours, just tap that link and scroll down. We highly recommend having a box of tissues nearby.

Thank you for your continued love, support, understanding, and patience. We are so grateful for you.

All our love,

Ruby, Kevin, and Luke

What Next?

We won’t rest until we bring Leia home and/or uncover the truth of what really happened.

We will be pushing this website far and wide so it’s seen throughout Texas, surrounding states, the country, and various parts of the world.

If Leia is being sold, we will not stop until her little face and name are everywhere and she’s recognized by someone who can alert us.

On top of that, we will be doing everything in our power to ensure this never happens to anyone else and the furry members of their families.

We greatly appreciate you and your help. We’re humbled by the level of support and compassion the people we’ve met, text messaged, and chatted with over the last week.

Kevin & Ruby Fremon (Luke & Leia’s humans)

And yes… Star Wars nerds.



How You Can Help.

The truth is that dogs like Leia, or your own, go missing every day. They’re hit by cars, attacked by other dogs or even dognapped and sold by people trying to make fast cash.

Please help us by sharing this page in as many places as you can.

Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Anywhere. Use the hashtag:


Press and hold the images below to save to your Photos Library.

Please post in your Instagram Stories or Feed.

You can also…

Call and reach out to shelters in the greater state of Texas and surrounding states. Leia is chipped.

Research doodle rescues and call to see if they have seen or taken in a dog that looks like Leia.

Help search Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and other places where people try and sell dogs and puppies.

Give your own dog love. Make sure they are chipped and have a GPS collar if you leave them with anyone.

Contact Us

Please give us any information that might be helpful to bring justice for Leia.