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Our mission is to improve statewide regulations related to independent pet sitters, boarders, and trainers.

Beloved, furry family members go missing, are stolen, sold, neglected, or even killed while under the care of pet sitters, trainers, groomers, and boarding facilities more often than you may realize.

These dog care businesses need to be held to higher standards and regulations. We are seeking to change legislation and to accomplish this, we want to make it clear how large of an issue this really is.

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Submitted Stories

The stories below can be hard to read. Some have a happy ending and others don’t. However, each story shines a bright light on the greater issue we want to solve.

Teddy’s Story

Austin, Texas

I hired a pet sitter through WAG to dog-sit Teddy for 4 days! On day 3, WAG called me to tell me that she had lost Teddy. Apparently walking him on an unfamiliar trail 25 miles away from home after an alleged off-leash dog lunged at Teddy and in the scuffle, she let go of Teddy’s leash. We searched for days to find Teddy with no sightings. We were then told that we were trespassing on private property and couldn’t be there to search for Teddy.

It has been a nightmare, but we are not giving up on finding the truth and the hope that our Teddy will be found.

– Denise M.

Tuna’s Story

Houston, Texas

This was in Houston at midtown doggy daycare about 5-6 years ago. I had to go to a funeral and boarded my two Aussies. I’ve used this place before and thought they did a good job. One of my dogs, Tuna, had diabetes, cushing and an enzyme issue in his liver. So he had to take 3 pills and had to get two shots of insulin every day. The facility has taken care of him before with all these conditions. Tuna would get stressed without me and sometimes would not eat and usually, the workers would have to hand feed him. This time they did not ensure he was eating but still gave insulin which caused Tuna to have seizures. I was on my way home learning all of this at the airport and the daycare rushed him to a nearby vet. Tuna died as I was taking off. When I landed I still had to go pick up my other dog from the daycare and then go to the vet.

It was a cavalier response from the owner. I didn’t pay for their boarding which the owner offered. I came back after a few days and presented the vet bill to her which was $1200. I was very nice to her and said mistakes happen and I know your worker feels terrible. I told the owner you do what you think is right. I’m not going to write a scathing review or sue you, I also don’t expect you to slice a check right now but my address is here if you want to mail me anything.

I was already planning on moving to Austin in a month so on top of losing my grandfather, my dog, a new move, and my work being gawd awful to me after giving them a 60-day notice, I knew that I had to move forward and let her morals decide. I never got a check and got stuck with the vet bill. I had to put down tuna’s brother this year at the age 14 because of cancer. I felt and still do like I failed him and he was alone when he died. I truly hope you find your puppy alive and healthy but certainly, I hope you find the truth and closure at some point. I watch your story every day hoping that it’s a post you got her back.

– Kendall S.

Lexi’s Story

Austin, Texas

A pet sitter called to tell us our new dog was nowhere to be found. We drove as fast as we could to get home, staying away at a resort. We got home and found her in less than an hour, she had found a hole in the fence. I offered the lady 100 dollars an hour to stay and search, she did not. She simply had better things to do. She said not to come home the dog will probably turn up later. She just doesnt get it.

– Anonymous

April’s Story

Austin, Texas

We used a new Rover sitter as our usual one was booked up. We expressly told this sitter to crate our dog if she was going to leave her home or open the front door because our pup can be a runner. Well of course this sitter did not heed this warning, so my dog was off running down South Lamar at 10 AM on a Saturday. The only reason we retrieved her safely is because of six amazing and kind angels who happened to be walking down the street at that moment. They were able to corral my pup until I could safely make it to them near the intersection of South Lamar and Barton Springs. We somehow were blessed and lucky in our situation but it could have gone much worse and there would be no true recourse for us. Even reporting the incident on the Rover app did not remove this sitter from the platform. Change must be done to hold these irresponsible sitters accountable.

– Anonymous

Hollie’s Story

Garland, Texas

In July of this year, the neglect of a Rover sitter in resulted in the escape and death by drowning of our dog Hollie. Rover paid the cremation bill but nothing else. The sitter, Desirae W., has yet to apologize or accept any responsibility for her actions.

– Amy E.