Report a Sighting of Leia

&/or share any information that might be helpful to our search for Leia and the truth.

FYI: We are already working with a team of professionals in our search for Leia and/or the truth. This includes dog trackers, pet communicators and psychics, city council members, law enforcement, and more. While we appreciate your concern and referrals to these types of professionals, we’ve already assembled a team of trusted and experienced Jedi’s. 

If you believe you have seen Leia or know where she is, please provide as much specific detail as you can.


  • Exact location with an address.
  • A detailed description of the person she is with.
  • Time and date you spotted her.
  • The website link (if spotted online.)
  • Upload photos or screenshots
Report a Sighting

Leia’s description:

1.5 year old
Small 16 lbs.
Cinnamon colored coat
White patch of fur on chin
Green Eyes
Pink nose
Responds to “Leia” (pronounced LAY-AH)